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“When you come into contact with your most authentic self, it’s your fullness, not your smallness, that will lead you home to yourself.”

Blake Blankenbecler, MS, APCC


I’m Blake and I’m grateful your curiosity led you here.

It is my hope that this space feels wide and open and safe and curious. I make no claims to have everything figured out. I’ve just learned through my own fumblings and mishaps how to care well for my story, and not make apologies for being exactly where I am. 

I come to the space of therapy, wellness, and self-care honestly as I have my own tragic and beautiful story of recovery.

The biggest gift I was given in my journey of healing and wholeness was this…

I found out my heart was good and worthy and full of glory. In doing so, I was able to recognize that there was actually a great deal of light in me, even in the darker parts of my story.

This truth is constantly bringing me back to life.

I don’t think these gifts were ever meant to end with me. I consider it my calling to invite women and men to the same truths of being fully alive in their own skin and story.

In 2017 I received my MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Play Therapy from Lipscomb University. Upon graduation, I’ve worked in private practice settings as a counselor specializing in childhood sexual abuse, codependency, eating disorders, and spirituality issues. Prior to graduate school, I worked in various non-profit settings engaging with women around the issues and question they faced around their faith and spirituality. 

I am currently employed and under the supervision of Jennifer Walters, LMFT #94715 in Los Angeles, CA as an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #6378. 

My work is wild and kind and holy and I believe in it with every ounce of my being. To learn more about the psychotherapeutic work I provide in the Northeast Los Angeles area, you can do so here and to find blogs and resources for your continued growth you can do so here.

I’m very, very glad you’re here. Cheers to your questions being honored with curiosity, your hopes being championed with kindness, and your soul being healed with love. 

With Heart,