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Hey You.

I’m Blake and I’m grateful your curiosity led you here. You are most definitely welcome…I created this space because it is exactly the space that I needed as I was coming into my own as a woman and discovering what it looked like to care for myself well along with holding and honoring the nuances and questions of my faith as a Christian. 

Remember that glorious Dixie Chicks Song “Wide Open Spaces”? 

The chorus goes a little like: 

She needs wide open spaces 
Room to make her big mistakes 
She needs new faces 
She knows the highest stakes. 

You’re welcome for just getting that song stuck in your head.

It is my hope that this space feels wide and open and safe and curious. I make no claims to have everything figured out, I’ve simply come to a place where my questions no longer scare me or dictate how “good” or “bad” I’m doing as a Christian. I’m able to care well for my story, and not make apologies for being exactly where I am. 

I come to the space of self-care honestly as I have my own tragic and beautiful story. Recovery from childhood trauma, an eating disorder, and codependency. 

The biggest gift I was given in my journey of healing and wholeness was two-fold. 

I found out my heart was good and worthy and full of glory. 

And I found out and keep finding out in the kindest, most tender of ways that I am loved by God, that God is wild about me, and He believes in me wholeheartedly. 

Those two gifts are constantly bringing me back to life. And because I don’t think these gifts were ever meant to end with me, I consider it my calling to invite you, dear one, to those same two truths. 

Really glad you’re here and we get to share space together. It’s an honor. To learn more about my background, education, and my most favorite human, scroll on down!

ps. now would be a great time to drink a glass of water. Hydration is IMPORTANT!

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. . . . . .

I consider myself a southerner at heart, having been raised in the fine state of North Carolina. After working with women all over the country in various women’s ministry settings, I moved to Nashville, TN to attend graduate school. In 2017, I graduated with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Play Therapy. Upon graduation, I was worked with women as a counselor specializing in childhood sexual abuse, eating disorders, codependency, faith concerns, and women’s identity issues. 

Fun fact: a week and a half after I moved to Nashville I met my husband! We got married in June of 2017. He is very handsome and I like his face so much! Little did I know that saying yes to Jordan would eventually mean saying yes to adventures and risks that were way outside of my comfort zone. In November of 2018, we quit our jobs, packed up all of our belongings, and moved to Los Angeles without even knowing what our new address would be. 

Don’t worry, we found a home…eventually! But even more than a new home and a new life in Los Angeles, I found an undiscovered part of myself as I stepped into a role I never once dreamed about: business owner. 

Narrative Self-Care was grown in the ten months prior to our move and finally birthed once we got to LA. Naturally, I had no idea this was the course I was being led to. Looking back, I can see ever so clearly the heartbreaks, the healing, and the lessons I needed to go through for this all to come to fruition. Created out of a need to help women understand what it actually meant to practice self-care, especially Christian women, I sought to come up with a modality that went far beyond external promptings and actually invited a woman into deeper connection with herself and God. In combining my own story of healing, my formal education and experience, and my faith that has endured for longer than even my cynical self expected, Narrative Self-Care was born. A unique and creative way of caring for our whole selves through becoming fluent in the language of our story, our body, and our emotions to inform how we care for ourselves. 

I believe that God is intimately acquainted with our stories and my journey that has taken many beautiful and heartbreaking turns is evidence of His deep kindness and care towards my heart. Stepping into my own as a woman and embracing both my femininity and my strength is a gift that I do not want to end with me. I consider it my purpose to invite women into a journey with themselves and God through caring for themselves well. I want women to know they are loved immensely and free to be who they were created to be. My work is wild and kind and holy and I believe in it with every ounce of my being.

When I am not drumming up new creations and working with women because ya know boundaries and work-life balance, you can find me in my soft clothes, sipping a negroni made with love by my husband Jordan.

Books keep me going, yoga keeps me grounded, my church keeps me soft, writing keeps me honest, the outdoors keeps me inspired, and God keeps me hoping. 

I’m very, very glad you’re here. It is my hope to create a safe place where your questions are honored with curiosity, your hopes are championed with kindness, and your soul is healed with love. 

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