026. How To Pay For Therapy

How to pay for counseling.jpg

Here are a few ideas for those of you who know it’s *probably* time to go to counseling but the $$$ piece is your current roadblock to making it happen. 

Get curious about what the $$$ represents //

Ask yourself if it’s literally too expensive or if you’re not willing to invest that much money in yourself. For folks who undervalue themselves, this will likely show up around how much you *don’t* want to pay for your own therapy. Money is incredibly symbolic and when looked at as a metaphor, it can illuminate lots of hidden defenses you have against yourself. 

Budget for it //

It’s no secret that therapy is expensive, but it doesn’t need to be so expensive that you can’t afford to eat or pay rent. The cost of therapy will likely be more than you’d like to pay. Think of it as a great place to begin getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Sure it will mean having to make some changes, but if change is ultimately what you’re after, you will find a way. 

Ask for help //

I know a good deal of parents who are totally willing to help their adult children pay for some or part of their therapy. seriously, what a gift!! consider inviting someone into this and asking for help. If not your parents, what about your church or a trusted support network? Again, this gets to serve as a greater metaphor for what might be going on in your life. 

Find the interns //

Fun fact. While in grad school for counseling, one must do 600+ hours of counseling to gain experience. The interns don’t get paid which means the cost is usually a lot lower than say a licensed clinician would charge. Universities that have counseling centers are great places to look for low fee counseling. Or ask around to see if there is a practice that has interns and uses sliding scale. 

Let this serve as a friendly reminder to those of you who are on the fence about this that you’ve got options and there is no time like the present to begin investing in yourself through counseling!

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