HONOR Course

Cost: $997 | Beginning the week of March 4, 2019

A six-week intensive journey designed just for you, your faith, and your story. If you need space to wrestle with both the gravity and delight of your story, room to voice the hard questions of your faith, and tools to grow in caring and honoring yourself well, this course is for you!

Space is limited to 12 women.


  • one-on-one weekly sessions to guide, coach, and educate you on gaining freedom, confidence, and kindness

  • weekly interactive assignments and prompts to get you out of your own way and get you back to a place of connection and groundedness with God and yourself

  • a private small community of like-minded women asking similar questions to support and encourage you in this season

  • four twenty-minute guided meditations to help you get back into your body and integrate your stories with hope and love

  • practical tools to help you manage burnout, stress, and anxiety

  • a curated, unique self-care plan made just for YOU that you can implement to allow you to live into the question, “How can I care for myself well?”


Narrative Journey

 A course designed to inspire you towards greater depth and understanding of your own story. This is a 4 week course is designed for your own pace. Expect to work hard, get curious, and challenge yourself to live from a deeper, more integrated place as you hold greater kindness for the stories of your past.

Course to be released early 2019.

Narrative Journey Blake blankenbecler.png
Authentic Boundaries Blake Blankenbecler.png

Authentic Boundaries

A course designed to help you grow in your ability to intuitively listen to your gut and respond with honest yes’s and honest no’s. This course would be ideal for someone who may find themselves in a season of overwhelm from saying yes when they really want to say no.

Course to be released in early 2019.