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Hey there sister. 

Do you struggle with shame that you’re not doing this “Christian thing” right? 

Do you love God but feel like you have to reject parts of yourself to be accepted, loved, and not risk rejection? 

Want to offer your children or future children an experience of faith that is less rigid and more curious?

Experiencing burnout from being the perfect, emotionless, always happy, never questioning Christian you were taught to be?

You’ve heard of this thing called boundaries and you’re guessing you may need to find some?

Wonder if there are other ways to connect with God other than a one-size fits all, prescriptive and sterile methods? 

Are you searching for a safe place to bring your questions about your faith, your doubts, and God to the surface without being afraid of outside judgement and gossip cloaked as “prayer requests”?

Need to talk about your experiences of sex and sexuality, but you’ve sadly found out the conversation at church ends with “sex before marriage is bad, but married sex is good”?

Does the idea of connecting with God in your body sound appealing to you, but you have not a clue of what that practically means? 

Want to learn what it means to love and care for yourself well because this game of hating yourself is no longer working for you?

Well GOOD NEWS, I want to invite you to join me for the HONOR course!

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  • Connecting with God using creative and kinetic modalities

  • How to get out of your own way and back to a place of groundedness

  • How to ask better questions about God, others, and yourself

  • Integrating and honoring all of your stories (even the ones we wish didn’t happen) into a kinder narrative

  • What it’s like to be in your body and how to connect with your femininity and your sexuality

  • Practicing kindness and self-love as an act of repentance for all the years you may have spent treating your body with contempt

  • Creating boundaries and learning to say what you mean

  • Honoring limits and creating sustainable practices that are healing and restorative

  • Engaging with the root cause of your perfectionism

  • Cultivating a richer understanding of God’s love for you and His desire for you to care for yourself well

  • How you’re hiding and playing it safe is actually hurting you and all of your relationships

  • Learning that your feelings are not bad, rather they are gifts that God gave us to tell the truth about what it’s like to be human



You are NOT alone sister!

Discover why my own story was the genesis of me creating this course for women just like YOU by pressing play on the video below!


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  • Self-Care isn’t just about bubble baths and face masks. You’ll have an integrated and intuitive knowledge of how to care for yourself, your needs, and your story well…especially in those moments of chaos, fear, and insecurity

  • A kinder lens with which to view your faith, your story, and your body. Through one-on-one coaching, embodiment exercises, and mindfulness activities you will be able to understand your story more and learn how to actually embrace all parts of yourself verses feeling the need to hide certain parts.

  • More confidence in being able to take up space and show up as fully yourself in your relationships and communities. Get ready to say goodbye to people pleasing and saying yes when you really mean no.

  • The ability to practice honoring your limits instead of treating them with contempt.

  • A relationship with your body that is connected, more than skin deep, and full of kindness and self-love.

  • A more curious, shame-free faith that allows for curiosity, questions, and doubts.

  • You’ll be able to hold space that is safer, kinder, and more curious for your spouse, your friends, and the people you work with. When people see you taking your own story seriously, they in turn know that when they need someone to talk to, you will take their story seriously and with great care.

  • Tools and resources to connecting with God and growing in your relationship that is grounded in love, curiosity, and imagination!

  • Less stress, less striving, and less hustling! You’ll learn to appreciate and respect who you’ve been created to be, slow down, and understand exactly how to work with your unique gifts, strengths, and weaknesses.

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More about Blake…


 I don’t have it all figured out and I certainly don’t have a foolproof formula to offer you a life full of rainbows and euphoria. Honestly, I believe tremendously in our ability as humans to engage in our stories and experiences of suffering and turn it into something meaningful and beautiful. That’s what this whole course is an invitation into…making meaning and beauty with our lives, stories, and bodies. 

While I can’t offer overnight change, where I am incredibly skilled and gifted in is creating a safe, honest place for you to bring your questions, fears, doubts, and insecurities to. I’ve been told I ask really hard questions by many of women I’ve gotten to work with. I’ve also been told it’s one of the greatest gifts they’ve received because it allowed them space to reconnect with their hearts, their glory, and their story. I ask questions that are curious and generous, with the motivation to get you out of rigid thinking patterns of good vs bad, right vs wrong, black vs white. Those questions lead us to dead ends so quickly.

Jesus is recorded asking 307 questions in bible. He is also recorded answering only 3 of the 183 questions he was asked. Isn’t Jesus funny?! That informs much of the work we will do together over the course of 6 weeks. By the end of HONOR, it is my greatest hope that you would walk away having richer, more imaginative, and playful questions to be able to engage your life, story, and faith with. 

God is creative and playful and is all about us as women living into our glory. He loves when we come into ourselves and honor the story and life we’ve been given. It is my great and steadfast privilege to introduce you to the HONOR course, an invitation to connect with God, your story, and your body through Narrative Self-Care. I can’t wait to share space with you and watch you become more and more of who you were created to be! 

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Alrighty, you in?! Let’s talk details!

WHO: YOU and eleven other women! That’s right. For now, this course is only for 12 women at a time. Not only is that a way to care for my own limits well, it’s how I give you my full presence, the most curious and creative modalities, and the best empirically based resources. This course also includes a private facebook group facilitated by yours truly where we get to process anything and everything that’s coming up for you during this course. I will spur conversations, provoke thoughts, and ask good questions for all of us. 12 women and myself feels like a really safe and intimate group to actually connect with each other and not be overwhelmed. 

Age range is as wide and glorious as our questions will be meaning if you’re 18 or you’re 65, there is something for you here.

WHAT: 6 One-on-One Confidential Sessions with Blake. These will be individual sessions with myself and you that will last one hour. If you’re local to LA we will meet in my home-office. If you find yourself somewhere else across the good ol’ US of A, we will meet via using the lovely video technology of Zoom. Being able to see each others faces is most important!

Access to an online portal where you will be given writing prompts, weekly challenges, and creative exercises to connect with God, your story, and your body. There will also be reading resources such as helpful books and podcasts to explore certain topics more. Those will serve more as a reference point for further reading that in no way need to be completed during the course. These exercises and activities will take 4-6 hours over the course of the week…We all still have adult responsibilities to attend to!!

Four Twenty Minute Guided Meditations. These meditations will be great tools for your self-care practice to further integrate your story and your faith. Guided meditations are incredibly healing and seek to provide greater integration with our head, heart, body, and soul.

Community with the other participants doing this course. You will each be invited to join a private facebook group where we will get to share more about what we are processing, encourage and support one another, and grow in our understanding and experience of self-care and honoring ourselves. This group will be facilitated by me and I will provide curious questions, intuitive strategies, and educational tools for us all to engage with together!

WHEN: This course will begin the week of March 4th, 2019. We will meet one-on-one weekly over the course of six weeks. Our sessions together will happen Monday - Thursday and we will work together to schedule a time that works for both of us! My hours during the week are typically 11A - 4P pst. With the time changes all over the country and being able to work virtually, that timeframe usually works for people! 

It is possible to reschedule one session if your family’s spring break happens to fall during that six week period. So if some of you need to skip a week, then we would end the week of April 15th. For everyone else, our last session together would be happening the week of April 8th. 

Sessions that you miss and did not make arrangements for will not be able to be made up. 

WHERE: If you’re in the Los Angeles area than you would come to my cozy home office located in Franklin village. If you’re not local to LA, we would meet via the inter webs over facetime! 

THE COST: $997. It’s an investment for sure. I’m a huge advocate that really good things in our life ought to cost us something. I believe wholeheartedly in the work, space, and resources I will be providing you and this is the value that seems fair and doable for both you and me. 

To save your spot, as space is truly limited, click the button below and it will take you to the shop page to purchase this course. If you need a payment plan (meaning you will pay 1/3 deposit now to reserve your spot, 1/3 March 4th, and the last 1/3 March 18th, feel free to get in touch with me. There will be a one-time $50 additional charge.

TIME COMMITMENT: You’ve likely heard it said, “You get out what you put in.” That saying is true for the HONOR course as well. This course is 6 weeks because it is the perfect amount of time for us to get in deep, do great work together, and not get too overwhelmed as all good things must end. Please make note, the commitment on your end is more than just our hour long sessions every week. There will be writing prompts and challenges that you will be invited to do. Obviously I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to, but so much of the gold of this course is participating in the creative and kinetic experiences I will give you each week. Realistically, I would say that means giving an hour or two to those things 3 to 4 times a week. Totally doable! And if it’s not doable at this time, maybe consider waiting until the next HONOR course launches in May of 2019.

NEED TO ASK A QUESTION: Are you very interested in taking this course, but you need to ask one or two unique questions to gain clarity on whether or not this is the right thing for you? Great! Click here to email me and we can set up a free 15 minute phone consultation to go over your questions and address any needs you may have! 

READY TO SIGN UP: Heck YES! I am over the moon excited sister! You will want to click below to secure your spot. Afterwards, we will cheer and celebrate big!! I will send you a questionnaire for you to fill out so I can get to know you and your needs more, along with some other paperwork because it’s important we dot our i’s and cross our t’s, ya know!! 

Can’t wait to share space with you!!! This is going to be oh-so-glorious to watch you come home to the infinite beauty of being fully alive! 

A percentage of the cost will go towards providing period packs for high school women in east Los Angeles schools.