For when cynicism is at an all-time high, words that keep my heart softened towards God, welcome all of my questions and the fullness of my feelings. These books remind me that this world can be dark but love truly prevails.



For the stories that changed me, confronted me, gave me the courage to be more like me.



For the wellness educator, the therapist, the client, the curious, the recovering addict, the addict who hasn’t yet gotten to the recovery part, the sexual abuse survivor, the fearful, the ones who have difficulty saying no…here you go. Also known as the books I read often and recommend to the people I work with.



For when deep truths of the heart need to be taught. It is most often through reading fiction that lessons and truths become cemented into my being through sitting with characters and their stories. There are certain theories of learning that say the only way we can really learn and retain information is through ingesting it in story form. I advocate for that truth firsthand which is why I will always advocate for people to make time and space for fiction in their lives. More often than not, I find God through fiction and the stories he puts in my lap at just the right time. Here are a sampling of my favorites.
(Readers pro-tip: rent fiction from your local library!) 



For when you need to go back to the basics because reading a lot of words is hard and pictures don’t hurt.