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Created by Blake Blankenbecler, MS




Saint Ireneaus, along with an addition from yours truly said, “The glory of God is (wo)man fully alive.” Narrative Self-Care seeks to invite a woman to both her fullness and God’s glory. 

This modality is grounded in contemplative Christianity and integrative psychology. Narrative Self-Care helps a woman live into the question, “How can I care for myself well?” knowing this is a life-long process. 

For too long a woman’s relationship with herself has been defined by shame, contempt, and perfectionism. A woman was not created to be at war with herself. God seeks to bring all things into redemption, including the unique relationship a woman has with herself. 

Narrative Self-Care creatively teaches a woman how to become fluent in the language of her story, her body, and her emotions to inform her how to intuitively care for who she is and how she has been created.

When a woman is caring for herself well, she gets to tell the truth without shame about what it’s like to be human. She gets to be in need and not apologize for her neediness. She gets to practice repentance by listening and honoring the cues of her body instead of treating them with contempt. She gets to feel confident taking up space in ways that are creative and unique to her. 

In Genesis 1 right after God created man and woman in his own image and likeness, he blessed them. Narrative Self-Care is a return to that sacred blessing, a return to honoring ourselves, our stories, and our bodies as God’s holy and good and beautiful creation. 

It is my greatest joy and privilege to bring you on this sacred journey of coming back home to the glory of your heart! 

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