The Site Details

This site was a labor of love. Put together with a whole lot of help, a whole lot of coffee, and a vision to invite women to being fully alive, whole-hearted, and free through a practice of intuitive self-care, I set out to create a space on the internet that felt congruent with my vision, illustrated my ethos, and captured my personality.

The majority of the photos were taken by my husband, Jordan Blankenbecler. On one of our last Saturday’s in Nashville before we moved to Los Angeles, we snuck into (no we totally had permission) his workplace, AMAX and the neighboring studio space Wilburn Street Studio. The end result was some of our best creative work as a couple! These are not just photographs to create a great website. To me, they cement Jordan’s quiet and fierce insistence I follow my dreams and take the scarier route. These photographs also captured my newfound belief in myself to step out and believe fully in myself and my work.

To build the site, I used the impeccable Station Seven’s squarespace template “Elise James.” I couldn’t recommend Mike and Brittni Rogers to be the people you use to create your online space more. One, its important to me to support small businesses and this is one I will continue supporting! I honestly feel like I got the better end of the deal on this one. The value I received was exceptional. The template came with an incredibly robust guide that empowered me to learn the ins and outs of squarespace and design my space with excellence, quality, and ease. If I had questions, I e-mailed them and they kindly and quickly responded, gave me what I needed and cheered me on in the process.

Pro-tip: support businesses that make you better, give you the highest quality, and help you put out your best work. Thanks for joining me on this journey of intuitive, narrative-based self-care. I’m grateful you are here.

With Heart,