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You care a lot.

You know how to celebrate and help the people in your life well. You ask great questions, you remember your friends birthdays, and you know what they need before they even ask.

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But you’ve lost yourself.

You’re often feeling this tug inside of you. There’s a part that really wants to be seen and known and there’s this other part that’s really afraid to be seen and known.

It’s risky. You’ve gotten hurt in the past and you’re afraid of being rejected again. But you know the way things are going, just aren’t working anymore.

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It’s time to reconnect to you.

Oftentimes the realization that things aren’t working and you need help is one of the kindest gifts life gives us.

Psychotherapy becomes an invitation to reconnect you to your story and ultimately reconnect with you.

Imagine what it could be like to take up space, to let your needs be known, to be comfortable in your skin and to live from a sense of worthiness? It would be kind, honoring, and wholehearted.

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So glad you’re here! I’m Blake.

My work as a psychotherapist and fellow human is to create space for you to journey into your story and reconnect with your fullest, most authentic self.

Together we will go back and uncover the trauma and hidden blocks that are informing how you’re living today.

Therapy is messy and playful and sacred. I believe in it with my whole being and hold the truth that healing, growth, and change can only occur in relationship.

Say yes to YOU.

It’s hard to make time for you, scary even. And yet, you know deep inside, it’s time.

Here’s a great place to start. Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to discover if psychotherapy is work you want to say yes to.

Highland Park Holistic Psychotherapy
4809 York Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90042

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What the kind folks are saying…

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