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A space to connect with your story, your emotions, and your body.

You are invited to reconnect with the glory of being YOU through Narrative Self-Care

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A FREE five day holistic journey into your practice with Narrative Self-Care designed just for YOU. 

Daily journaling prompts to guide you towards the unique story you bring to self-care.

Explore patterns, behaviors, and themes from your past and present around self-care.

Create practices that are intuitive and sustainable for the season of life you find yourself in. 

Know how to care for yourself well with love, kindness, and compassion.

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I’m Blake Blankenbecler.

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Inside of a woman’s heart is infinite wisdom, impeccable discernment, and uniquely creative giftings.

Societal and religious pressures to fit in, stay small, and not rock the boat have all sought to keep a woman disconnected from her heart. Yet, when I encounter God, it’s my fullness, not my smallness that God is most interested in. I believe the same is true for you.

My work is to invite women to reconnect with themselves and their faith through Narrative Self-Care. 

God seeks to bring all things into redemption: including the relationship you have with yourself. You are meant to show up in the world fully alive, whole-hearted, and free. Through an innovative modality that brings together integrative psychology and the Christian faith, Narrative Self-Care seeks to teach a woman to connect with her story, live into her body, and use her emotions to tell the truth about what it’s like to be human. 

I see a revolution happening as women come back to their hearts and live into their fullness. It’s beautiful and vulnerable and it is with great hopefulness that I extend an invitation to you to join me on this journey of Narrative Self-Care. 

The glory of God is (wo)man fully alive! 


 1:1 Sessions


“How do you care for yourself well?” That’s the main question of our work together using my unique creation of Narrative Self-Care. I will educate, guide, and coach you towards becoming fluent in the language of your body, your story, and your soul. You’ll learn how to intuitively and strategically care for yourself so you can show up in your spaces freely, vibrantly, and whole-heartedly.  

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Take the journey + discover wholeness

5 Day Self-Care

The invitation to be fully alive, whole-hearted, and free through a practice of self-care is one I hold out to you with great hopefulness. Together we will look back on stories of your past, ask more curious questions, and develop intuitive strategies that promote kindness and self-love.