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Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (License #6378)
EMDR Trained  

Conveniently located in the Highland Park neighborhood of Northeast Los Angeles.

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Maybe you’ve come to a place where you realize how you’ve been showing up in the world is no longer working. You’re saying yes when you want to say no, you lack the confidence to do things differently, you feel insecure in your own skin, and you can’t seem to “let go” of the past. 

The discovery that things are no longer working and you need something different is oftentimes one of life’s greatest gifts. There is an invitation in the discomfort that will allow you to journey to places you’ve never been before and grow in ways you never imagined possible. 

Imagine what it could be like to live in sync with your story, to be able to validate your emotions, and to feel at home in your own body. You would be able to take up space confidently, to honor your needs, and to live from a place of integration and connection.

That’s what our therapeutic work is all about. Journeying back into your story, holding both curiosity and compassion, we will uncover the hidden trauma and limiting beliefs that are informing how you live today. These shame-based narratives will be bravely exchanged for a way of living that is intuitive, honest, and wholehearted. 

Therapy is messy, slow, and courageous work. I consider it one of my life’s greatest privileges to hold sacred space for folks and their stories. I believe that healing, growth, and change can only occur in relationship and I would be honored to walk to road with you back to yourself and your own heart.